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Higher Education

Our Mandate

The aim at UTP Higher Education is to publish materials for course use that are pedagogically valuable and that also contribute to ongoing scholarship. Working as a new division within UTP offers exciting opportunities to pursue this goal and to meet the changing needs of teaching and scholarship in North America. We strive to be recognized as a first alternative to larger textbook publishers, both for instructors looking for a refreshing change from the standard course book offerings and for potential authors who value creative and editorial licence as well as the personal attention provided by our editors. The possibilities for rethinking how texts can be used in the classroom, along with new formats for their delivery, are endless, and UTP Higher Education looks forward to partnering with instructors and scholars in this innovative endeavour.

The Division

UTP Higher Education actively markets UTP books, in person and online, to academics across Canada and the United States. All editorial, sales, marketing, and production duties are carried out through the UTP Higher Education office in Guelph, Ontario. The division has over 300 books in print.

Book Pricing

At UTP Higher Education, our goal is to balance the pedagogical needs of the instructor with the pedagogical and financial needs of students. We hope to challenge negative perceptions of the industry by serving as a viable alternative to larger textbook publishers. One area in which we continue to focus our attention in this venture is book pricing.

We strongly believe in providing the best possible value by pricing our books competitively and often considerably below the competition. Our books are attractive, durable, and pedagogically sound, and do not carry a lot of expensive bells and whistles, such as CD-ROMs and other supplements. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness is why we publish all course books in paperback and in many cases refrain from full-colour illustrations. We also believe that a book's price should be readily available to students and instructors, and we make a point of providing up-to-date price information on our website.

We encourage instructors to make informed decisions about the books they choose to adopt for their courses, to educate their students about why they choose a particular book and its value to the overall course content, and work with publishers to help create (and create demand for) pedagogically sound yet cost-effective course material.

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